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When writing, you’re supposed to know who your intended audience is. Well, turns out, most of the time my intended audience is just me. Which is all well and good when it comes to reflecting, and knowing myself, and seeing my brain and picking out my habits, but none of that is the primary function of a blog; that’s what journals and diaries are for.

Saylor is here watching me type this; today she’s my audience. I definitely intend for this blog to be read by ALC students (including, but not limited to Saylor) which is why I’ve written posts like this post I wrote back in October (ages ago and just yesterday…) about holding boundaries. Other posts, like this one, are less clearly for other humans; they read very much like the reflective journal writing I do for myself. That doesn’t mean they’re not for other humans, necessarily. Are other humans interested in my reflective journal writing? I don’t know. I really like looking back on them because they show me myselves marked in moments in time, and I can track my changes from then to now (for example, in the two weeks since I wrote that post, I’ve gotten so much better at feeding myself! And I’ve eaten so many fruits and veggies! It’s awesome!)

I’m thinking about this in particular because Abby made a call for blog posts and I want to share these, but I’m feeling self-conscious about sharing. I’m not clear if I’m feeling self-conscious just because I’m in the habit of feeling self-conscious about sharing my words, or if it’s something else. Who is this blog for? Who are you reading this right now? Can you comment and tell me, internet? Here’s a pic of me holding a bunch of kale as a thank you <3

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Mel Compo is an interdisciplinary artist, playworker, and facilitator at the New York City Agile Learning Center. Their work with children centers play, art-making, city adventuring, and open conversation about language, bodies, gender, networks, emotional intelligence, brain plasticity, and cycles of growth. Mel studied the intersections of SDE, poetry, and the history of American education NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. They live in Brooklyn, New York.

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  1. Hello THis is Grace and Nicole at Wildwood ALC in Boone NC. We read your post and want to read more soon. We can be self-conscious too and we appreciated reading your honest thoughts about this. We think you are awesome! Keep writing!

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