Instead of thinking about wanting to wish

I intend to find all the books and resources that are floating around the community about free schooling and play and kanbans and flat hierarchies and quiet revolutions and learning and childhood and pull them together into a library pool with many jumping in points depending on the human who is interested in taking the plunge. I love to recommend books to other curious humans.

I intend to spend more time in the library here, and find ways of sharing books that I love with other humans who haven’t discovered them yet and discovering books those humans love and share with me.

I intend to be more comfortable sitting in silence with other humans.

I intend to play more games, and let other humans explain the rules to me.

I intend to use the phrase “other humans” more regularly, instead of phrases like “the kids” or “my students” that implicit the age of the humans of whom I am speaking and imply some kind of hierarchical structure.

I intend to do things that scare me and admit to being afraid.

I intend to try many different orientations of my kanban until I find one that fits for me.

I intend to listen more than I explain.

I intend to write every week.

I intend to post even the blog entries that I think are subpar.

I intend to open up with humans of all ages who have welcomed me so generously into their space as a facilitator and I intend to do right by them to the utmost of my ability.

I intend to win Werewolves as a werewolf.

I intend to make music with other humans.

I intend to make music alone.

I intend to figure out a clean up job that works just right for me.

I intend to find non-defensive answers to questions like “but do they actually learn anything?”

I intend to be less guarded.

I intend to make offerings around reading and writing poetry and fantasy football (though I do not necessarily intend those to be the same offering, I do intend to be adaptive).

I intend to use people’s names when I speak to them.

I intend to continue looking forward to coming to ALC in the morning.

I intend to connect with more members of this community.

I intend to wear clothes that are comfortable and don’t inhibit my movement.

I intend to play minecraft.

I intend to doodle more.

I intend to be present.